Sydney is my secret style weapon-- she's positively the most talented stylist I've met & makes me feel confident, stylish and oh-so me. If I get a compliment on something I'm wearing, you can pretty much guarantee that Sydney picked it out or put it together. She's just that good.

She's helped me choose the perfect look for everything from national tv interviews to my wedding, and so much in between. After every shopping experience with Syd, I feel so inspired and excited to get dressed the next day. 

Because of Sydney I know what my personal style really is {vintage glam!} and how to shop for my body type, two things that will serve me for the rest of my life! I only wish I could have her over every week to put my looks together!!

 --Ellie B.  


Laurie came to me looking to up her sophistication game a bit.  She is an amazingly talented artist.  Beyond talented.  She and I worked on silhouettes and adding interesting details into her wardrobe to achieve the look she was craving.  Here she is looking fabulous for her Tribeza shoot wearing a dress she made(!!!) with vintage accessories.  Sometimes it's all about the accessories

Clothes make a statement, and I wanted what I was wearing to signal ‘a-creative-interesting-person’ lives inside, so I started wearing brighter and brighter options. I knew something was going wrong, but had no idea which direction to go. Then…..I met SYDNEY! She listened, looked at my closet, saw how clothes fit my body, and started giving me a recipe for how to rethink ‘statement-dressing’. Minimalist colors, sharper proportions and accessories like belts and jewelry could be funky and say a lot. Piece-by-piece I’m changing my look, and have a clear plan. She gave me a sophisticated view of clothes that looks effortless and feels totally me.--Laurie


Ellie came to me after working in the news industry for years.  Since she was beginning to launch her own business, Pink Kisses, we revamped her look.  We focused on color, highlighting her waist, and creative dressing that would still show that she was the boss!  She is now the creative genius behind Media Bombshell.  



"Best investment I've made in myself in years! In two hours I purged 3 garbage bags of clothes and was left with a closet that I loved! She gave me new tips and advice on how to dress for my figure! Belts Belts Belts!! I was extremely impressed with her creativity and ability to understand my personality and style. I have also saved hundreds of dollars just in the two months since my consultation. I no longer buy just to buy. She recommended a few staple pieces to complete my closet and now I think differently about clothes when I'm shopping. I ask myself, "Is this going to make me look my tallest, skinniest, best self?" If not, it never make it to the dressing room. I can't wait to treat myself to a personal shopping day with Sydney!" -- Amanda O. 

Sydney is like the fairy godmother of wardrobe consultants. First she'll look in your closet and magically pull together outfits you didn't even know you had! Then she'll take you shopping and she can scope a store in about two minutes before she knows if there's anything of value there. She kept my wardrobe simple so there's lots to mix and match. And she always kept an eye out for the bottom line so shopping wouldn't break my budget. Plus, she's just fun to hang out with. I'd recommend her to anyone.

--Carolyn S.  

"If you like to dress well, and you're paying attention, there are still limits to your ability to pick things out that represent you well.  This is why you need an expert - to daringly try things out that you normally would not pull off the rack and try on.  

In my case, I can go for days buying suits, dress shirts, jeans, stuff I have been wearing for years but what about that other look?  What about that cardigan?  If you look like a fool, you want to know before you make the purchase. :-)  However, if you look great, you have level'ed up and can't wait to wear it out.  

I highly recommend this service.  It is like getting hit over the head with a "I-look-frickin-awesome-stick"

You can spend the money with this service and look good, or you can go it alone and look average at best."--T.K. 

Jennifer W.
25d ago

Sydney was awesome! She was very easy to work with, great personality and very professional. She understood what I wanted and made it happen, she did NOT try to change my style to her style. When we went shopping, she knew and understood that I was on a budget and we only purchased a few pieces and most of them were on sale or clearance.

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